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Building layouts and occupational requirements are seldom of a static nature.  Therefore control strategies and their suitability need to be reassessed on a regular basis.

During an Optimize Project we review, fine tune and modify your existing software control strategies including PID Loops, occupancy, sequencing of heating and cooling devices, deadband efficiency and outdoor weather compensation. 

We confirm that alarm management and data logging is appropriate and reporting is correctly prioritised.  We ensure that the BEMS accuratley reflects the building layout and how the space is being used by its occupants.

A BEMS Optimize helps to acccount for and eliminate any unforeseen system design flaws or changes which negativley impact on a buildings environmental control and its operational costs.  It highlights any modification requirements to the software or system configuration to keep the BEMS in sync with its Building.





We live in an era of accelerating technological change and with it comes accelerated rates of technological obsolescence.  So being able to upgrade your BEMS to the latest industry technology in the most affordable way possible has never been more important.

When a manufacturer discontinues a product line, spare parts and technical support can often no longer be obtained.  This makes obsolete systems extremely costly to repair or replace when failure occurs, increasing downtime and decreasing productivity.  An obsolete system can leave a business vulnerable to closure and to losses, so retiring old equipment at the right time to mitigate these risks is essential. 

We can upgrade your BEMS to a powerful open source system enhancing its functionality and performance along the way.  Upgrading a BEMS can be the single most effective way to improve a buildings HVAC efficiency by upto 15%.


Modern technology has allowed BEMS to evolve and become the true building manager.  Seamless Integration of 3rd Party systems such as Lighting, Fire, Access and Metering can provide huge time management and energy savings.

The aim of our Integration Projects are to incorporate typically stand alone building services on to an existing BEMS.  This allows control and monitoring over all of a buildings services from one graphic system interface, from anywhere in the world.

A smart integrated building uses monitoring, targeting and sensor technology, consolidating the results into a single reporting platform.  This allows the building to work at its maximum efficiency coordinating efficient control and monitoring of HVAC and Lighting, unifying all of its Alarms and Energy data.

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Balancing comfortable and healthy working environments with the need for increased energy efficiency, can be difficult. Please get in touch today to discuss the goals you have for managing your buildings systems, our team can help.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Customer feedback is essential to ensure we maintain the quality of the services we deliver.  It helps to motivate and shape the team, helps our Managers to monitor our subcontractors performance, and aids us in business development.

Operations & Planning Manager

We had a Seachange BMS installed in our Distribution Center around 12 years ago.  The BMS was not maintained effectivley by our previous service provider, leaving many areas of the system running constantly.  HEMS were instantly able to resolve the 24 hour running issues for us and reccomended a system upgrade as our system was obsolete.  They retrofitted in an EasyIO controller and touchscreen interface.  Since the system has been back under control, we have seen a huge drop in energy consumption, and much better levels of comfort for our staff working on site.  

Primary School Business Manager

We were looking for a company to help us with our Trend Building Management System.  Since installation our school was experiencing a lot of heating issues.  HEMS carried out a re-comissioning project and Optimized our software control strategy.  They also provided us with a remote aftercare support package so that any issues could be quickly resolved in the future.  We've seen a significant drop in our energy bills and estimate their service will pay for itself within 18 months.