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Project Management

Effective Project Management ensures that the clients goals are being achieved in the right time frame, at the right cost and that the installation is correctly quality controlled and coordinated.

Each new installation we carry out has a Project Manager assigned to it; to liaise with the client and their third party Mechanical or Electrical contractors, to oversee and clarify the design specification, to manage the installation and commissioning processes, and to help to mitigate any risks before they become issues.

Our Project Managers will make sure that good communication is maintained between all parties involved.  They will make sure that there is a final commissioning and witnessing plan in place which involves the client or their appointed representative, and wherever possible members of the maintenance team who will be looking after the facility moving forwards.  This ensures satisfactory project sign off for the client and helps to train the facilities maintenance team on how best to look after and manage the system post handover.  

Project Management
Project Design

Project Design

When designing a new BEMS its essential to keep in mind the primary objectives which are; to simplify and centralize the monitoring of  the building, to reduce operational, management and maintenance costs, and to ensure the built environment is comfortable and healthy for its occupants.

We design bespoke BEMS which automate the operation of a buildings technical services, in the most energy efficient way possible, whilst maintaining internal comfort levels.  Our BEMS are designed to make troubleshooting easier through centralized fault and alarm monitoring.  They can also be configured to provide operational cost logs for individual tenant billing and / or cost centre allocation.  

Our designers determine the best way to modulate and to control the technical services to achieve optimum plant performance.  They design the control panel and field wiring diagrams, controller software regimes, strategies and graphic user interfaces.  They liaise with control panel manufacturers to interpret and expand on the design, and remain involved in the project supporting commissioning engineers in the validation process.

Manufacture & Install

Proffesional Control Panel Manufacture and Electrical installation of BEMS field equipment and devices is paramount.  Our manufacturers and installers are all apropriatley accredited and registered.

All our control panel and field wiring diagrams are designed in house by our Project Engineers using drafting design applications such as AutoCAD.  We have established relationships with specialist contractors who we use to manufacture high quality control panels compliant with the latest regulations.  Our control panles are tested by the manufacturer and then again on site during our commissioning process. 

Our specialist electrical installers appoint containment and power cabling to mechanical equipment such as fan or pump motors, and control wiring to deivces such as temperature sensors and stats.  Our electricians work to the latest industry regulations making sure appropriate cable selection and circuit protection is made.  Their installation is overseen by our Project Mangers and validated by our Commissioning Engineers to ensure a quality and consistent system is delivered.

Manufacture & Install


Final commissioning of the installed BEMS will expose any design or installation errors and correct them before handover to the client.  An effective commissioning plan ensures a quality end product.

Wherever possible, we will involve the building managers and clients in our commissioning proceess to witness operations and functions.  This helps them to gain a better understanding of how the system works and how best to maintain it.  It also allows them to witness and sign off the new system to their full satisfaction.

A commissioning plan is essential to ensure enough time is allocated to; configure and validate every device that had been installed and every technical service which has been integrated with, and to make sure enough time is allowed for client demonstration and training.  Our Commissioning Engineers thoughroughly test the control panel and electrical installation, connect and configure the field devices and interfaces, and test the software control regimes and graphic user interfaces.  They record and document any changes or modifications made during the process to ensure all design documentation is kept upto date.


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What Our Clients Have to Say

Customer feedback is essential to ensure we maintain the quality of the services we deliver.  It helps to motivate and shape the team, helps our Managers to monitor our subcontractors performance, and aids us in business development.

Operations & Planning Manager

We had a Seachange BMS installed in our Distribution Center around 12 years ago.  The BMS was not maintained effectivley by our previous service provider, leaving many areas of the system running constantly.  HEMS were instantly able to resolve the 24 hour running issues for us and reccomended a system upgrade as our system was obsolete.  They retrofitted in an EasyIO controller and touchscreen interface.  Since the system has been back under control, we have seen a huge drop in energy consumption, and much better levels of comfort for our staff working on site.  

Primary School Business Manager

We were looking for a company to help us with our Trend Building Management System.  Since installation our school was experiencing a lot of heating issues.  HEMS carried out a re-comissioning project and Optimized our software control strategy.  They also provided us with a remote aftercare support package so that any issues could be quickly resolved in the future.  We've seen a significant drop in our energy bills and estimate their service will pay for itself within 18 months.