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Over its lifetime, the devices, equipment and moving parts of any BEMS will degrade, become dilapidated, experience wear and tear and can become damaged in some way.

We carry out annually scheduled electrical safety and functionality tests on BEMS hardware assets, to identify devices or equipment which are faulty, damaged or in need of repairs or replacement parts.  We check devices such as Controllers, Sensors, Stats and Switches, Variable Speed Drives, Actuators and Control Panel Switchgear ensuring the assosiated plant and equipment respond correctly to the BEMS signals.

We can supply a critical site spares package to be kept on site enabling us to replace any faulty devices on the spot, preventing the need for costly return site visits and reducing system downtime.  Preventative maintenance is an essential means of keeping a BEMS running effectivley.



During its lifetime a BEMS will encounter both hardware and software faults.  Sometimes caused by wear and tear, sometimes caused by device malfunctions, and sometimes caused by user error.  Having a BEMS partner who can respond fast when these issues arise, massivley reduces system downtime, and enables buildings to do business effectivley.

We assign priority levels to every BEMS device and equipment installed in a building. These priority levels are used to describe the level of importance a specific device has, in the effective running of that  BEMS.  Using our priority level system, we provide our clients with a guaranteed uptime percentage, and guaranteed response times against critical BEMS devices and equipment.

When critical system faults occur, we provide a guaranteed 24 hour site based response time to site for our clients.  And, with our critical site spares package in place, we can provide a 99% guaranteed uptime on all BEMS devices and equipment covered in our Service Level Agreements.



Remote Support can help to resolve issues faster reducing the downtime of essential plant and equipment.  If we have a remote internet connection to your site it should be your first port of call when issues arise.

Without the need to dispatch an engineer to site we can eliminate costly travel time and reduce fuel emissions.  We can also eliminate disruption to our clients working day whilst gaining access to site and service areas.   It enables our team to provide easy first line support outside of normal working hours.  It enables us to work on our clients issues in a controlled environment where we can troubleshoot problems, and to monitor system performance over several days if necessary in real time. 

We offer a guaranteed 4 hour remote response time to issues logged but if we cant resolve a problem remotely, in most cases we are able to determine where the issue is and what parts or materials may be required to fix it.  A remote connection can also allow us to carry out basic but essential system maintenance such as making regular backups of software and graphic interfaces.  

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Customer feedback is essential to ensure we maintain the quality of the services we deliver.  It helps to motivate and shape the team, helps our Managers to monitor our subcontractors performance, and aids us in business development.

Operations & Planning Manager

We had a Seachange BMS installed in our Distribution Center around 12 years ago.  The BMS was not maintained effectivley by our previous service provider, leaving many areas of the system running constantly.  HEMS were instantly able to resolve the 24 hour running issues for us and reccomended a system upgrade as our system was obsolete.  They retrofitted in an EasyIO controller and touchscreen interface.  Since the system has been back under control, we have seen a huge drop in energy consumption, and much better levels of comfort for our staff working on site.  

Primary School Business Manager

We were looking for a company to help us with our Trend Building Management System.  Since installation our school was experiencing a lot of heating issues.  HEMS carried out a re-comissioning project and Optimized our software control strategy.  They also provided us with a remote aftercare support package so that any issues could be quickly resolved in the future.  We've seen a significant drop in our energy bills and estimate their service will pay for itself within 18 months.